Virgin brand extension case

Yamaha Corporation and Virgin Group — brand extension strategy Introduction Yamaha Corporation is a Japanese multinational corporation with a wide range of products and services. And tillVirgin opened the first Virgin Megastore in London. Unlike Yamaha, who did not 25 position itself as a champion of consumer caused entering into troubled markets.

Virgin Group also uses the same name in all of the products. Yamaha has joined the Faust Harrison Piano collection, which stands for high quality and good value instruments www. In addition, brand extension also "diminish[es] consumer's feelings and beliefs about brand name.

Advertising, promotion, and supplemental aspects of integrated marketing communications. Both Yamaha and Virgin intend to use this strategy to attract customers.

As a result, the introduction of Virgin Cola confuses the brand awareness of Virgin brand and causes the problem of changing the positioning of Virgin. This helps customers recognize the brand and consolidate the position. Inthe expertise in metallurgical technologies led Yamaha to the manufacture of the first Yamaha motorcycle, the YA-1 www.

The brand loyalty provides Yamaha with a good opportunity to enter the market and achieve success. But brand loyalty can bring value: This is a risk of brand extension that leads to the failure of Virgin Cola at the beginning.

Yamaha is not only a piece of instrument, it is also a type of lifestyle. The year of Virgin Atlantic launched a revolutionary Upper Class Suite, the most comfortable and the longest seat and flat bed in business class.

Coca-Cola had to make considerable efforts to regain customers who had turned to Pepsi cola. A successful brand message strategy relies on a congruent communication and a clear brand image. Brand equity Brand equity is defined as the main concern in brand management and IMC campaign.

Yamaha brand represents the expert in assembling musical instruments. The name was officially changed into Yamaha Corporation in to mark the th anniversary of its foundation www. Their curves were designed to resemble Pamela Anderson who was at the height of her popularity in the UK and USA at that time Matt Haig, The statistics went quite well in the first period of time when Virgin Cola was introduced to the market.

Furthermore, it causes a psychopathy conflict to customers. The customers of Coca-Cola are largely responsible for the unrelenting success of the company http: In theory, a flagship product has the top sales and highest awareness in its product category.

On the other hand, consumer has his psychology process in mind. He was also the third-generation president of Nippon Gakki.

Brand equity Brand equity is defined as the main concern in brand management and IMC campaign. However, the increase did not last long. One of the most important reasons is that Virgin Cola cannot compete with the leading brand in the coke industry, Coca-Cola.

Virgin - Brand Extension or Brand Dilution?

Smart brand extension allows Virgin to keep up appearances Despite some failures, the continuing success of Virgin and easyGroup brands highlights need for thoughtful brand extension Alasdair Lennox.

The case discusses the brand extension strategies adopted by the Virgin group. Detailed information is provided about the values of the Virgin brand and the part they played in the group's foray into many different businesses. The case also discusses how the Virgin group's Chairman and CEO, Richard Branson, became an integral part of the brand itself.

Smart brand extension allows Virgin to keep up appearances

In the case of the Virgin example, you raise a good point. It could be viewed as a sub-brand or a brand extension. Regardless, it’s a great example of what brands should completely avoid. reply; Sub branding and brand extension are both brand strengthening exercise.

Sub branding is used when brand is entering in new market segment in the. Hello. I am trying to understand why the Virgin examples above aren't brand extensions rather than sub-brands as identified.

It seems like going from a record company to an airplane company is the very essence of a brand extension rather than a sub-brand. Virgin – Brand Extension or Brand Dilution Appreciate a large multinational company’s brand management strategies aimed at cashing in on the equity of an umbrella brand.

The case discusses the brand extension strategies adopted by the Virgin group.

Brand extension

Brand extension or brand stretching is a marketing strategy in which a firm marketing a product with a well-developed image Another example is Virgin Group, which was initially a record label that has extended its brand (), "Flutes and Suits: The Case against Veuve Cliquot Ponsardin and Its Claim to Brand Extension ", University of.

Virgin brand extension case
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