Gerpott et al 2001 wrote that

The first approach defines satisfaction as a process and the second approach defines satisfaction as an outcome of a consumption experience.

Customers in turn assess the service performance in accordance to how well it meets their expectations. The assimilation-contrast effects occur when the difference between expectations and quality is too large to be perceived and this difference is exaggerated by consumers.

Section A contained questions on age, gender, employment, location and section B contained questions on call quality, billing, validity period duration of usecustomer care support and customer satisfaction evaluation.

Telecommunication world is becoming bigger and bigger every day and the competition environment is also increased. According to Potluri and Mangnale the main areas of dissatisfaction was found that particularly service quality, tariff structure, service encounter, service delivery process, bill payment area, complaint handling procedures and after sales services.

Researchers and partitions both in the academic area and the business field enthusiastically have shared their viewpoint and experience in applying CRM. In the past, it was unpopular and unaccepted concept because companies thought it was more important to gain new customers than retain the existing ones.

Customer satisfaction is also defined as an "evaluation of the perceived discrepancy between prior expectations and the actual performance of the product" Samuel, Satisfied customer is more likely to return and stay with a ompany than a dissatisfied customer who can decide to go elsewhere Ovenden, ; satisfaction leads to retention and the retention is not simply because of habit, indifference or inertia Desai and Mahajan, ; customer retention is central to the development of business relationships, and these relationships depend on satisfaction Eriksson and Vaghult, ; customer satisfaction is an antecedent of customer retention Athanassopoulos, ; customer satisfaction is a central determinant of customer retention Gerpott et al.

Technical quality is related to what customer gets transaction satisfaction ; functional quality is related to how the customer gets the result of the interaction relationship satisfaction. Researchers and partitions both in the academic area and the business field enthusiastically have shared their viewpoint and experience in applying CRM.

Nigeria introduced the mobile telephony five years ago and few studies have been done on the benefits and mpact of its mobile telecoms development. Relationship between billing and satisfaction 55 7.

If the performance exceeds expectations, the customer is highly satisfied or delighted. There is a strong relationship between location, employment and customer satisfaction H Customer satisfaction is influenced by various factors.

Customer Satisfaction in the Mobile Telecommunications Industry in Nigeria.

Johnston reported that complaint management, not only results into increased customer satisfaction, but also leads to operational improvement and improved financial performance. Customers who have complained to a company and had their complaints satisfactorily resolved tell an average of five people about the good treatment they received.

Oliver conducted investigation on retail stores and reported that expectation has direct influence on satisfaction. Ovenden in his book about studies conducted on several companies in the UK, such as wholesaler, manufacturers, etc, argued that companies need to be aware how well or badly its customers are treated and that customers rarely complain and when they do, it might be too late to keep such customers.

In the present the following 80 companies are working to give the telecom service to the customer.

Customer Satisfaction in the Mobile Telecommunications Industry in Nigeria. Essay

Past research studies suggested that there are four features, which are key drivers of the customer value of cellular services: However, there are other research works that disagree with this finding, examples include: The majority of literature available few in number focuses on the study of the impact and development of the telecommunications, mobile telephony, communications, etc.

Empirical findings that have shown the relationship between demographic variables and satisfaction include: Advise and customer care at point of sales POS vi.

Customer Satisfaction in the Mobile Telecommunications Industry in Nigeria. Essay

For instance, Churchill and Surprenant found that neither disconfirmation nor expectations had any effect on customer satisfaction with durable products. Relationship between gender, location and satisfaction 62 9.

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This process helps to identify opportunities for improvement quality costing. Frequency statistics 49 2. Cardozo ; and Howard and Sheth developed the contrast theory, which showed that consumers would exaggerate any contrasts between expectations and product evaluations.

There is a strong relationship between network quality and customer satisfaction H4. Factors influencing customer satisfaction H3. I also wish to thank my supervisor, Tom Michel, for his suggestions and advice and all the people Marianne, Jacqueline, Margarita, Frank, etc who made my stay in Sweden a wonderful experience.

Thus, several companies are adopting customer satisfaction as their operational goal with a carefully designed framework. IMPACT OF CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ON MOBILE TELECOMMUNICATION SERVICE PROVIDER Gerpott et al. () wrote that since s, the examine the impact of customer satisfaction on mobile telecommunication service provider while the specific objectives are to.

Customer satisfaction has emerged as a strong predictor of loyalty in numerous mobile telecommunication literature (Gerpott et al., ; Kim et al., ;Lee et al., ).

Hence, the first. International Journal of Multidisciplinary and Current Research ISSN: ). Gerpott et al. () wrote that since s, the Gerpott et al. () investigated customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention in the German mobile telecommunications.

Gerpott et al. () wrote that since s, the telecommunications sector has become an important key in the development of the economy of developed countries. This results from the saturated markets, deregulation of telecommunications industry (removal of m- onopoly rights.

Dabholkar et al. () and Zeithaml et al. () reported that the service quality divisions are related to overall service quality and or customer satisfaction. Fornell et al., () expressed that satisfaction is a consequence of service quality. Faizan et al () were of the opinion that satisfaction is a critical scale of how well a customer‟s needs and demands are met while customer loyalty is a measure of how likely a customer is to repeat the purchase and engage in relationship activities.

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